The only SASSETA Acreddited Training Centre in Bloemfontein & surrounding areas

Asset Protection Officer

Patrol Officer & Access Control Officer skills programmes must be completed.

PSIRA Grade Replacement – Grade “C”

Unit Standard ID Unit Standard Title NQF Level Credits
113909 Coach a Team Member in order to enhance Individual Performance in Work Environment – GSP3 3 5
13912 Apply Knowledge of Self and Team in order to develop a Plan to enhance Team Performance – GSP3 3 5
244578 Describe how to Manage Reactions arising from a Traumatic Event – GSP3 3 2
113852 Apply Occupational Health; Safety and Environmental Principles – GSP3 3 10
119472 Accommodate Audience and Context needs in Oral/Signed Communication
– GSP3 & SSP4
3 5
11508 Write Security Reports and Take Statements – GSP3 4 10

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